Rain and Independence day

2:03 AM


Like 2 days ago, I was on the way home after hangout with my friends then rain falling down. After I reach down in front of "gang rumah" like usually I bbm my mother or father to picked me up with umbrella but I'm waiting and waiting for about ten minutes their not reading my bbm so I decided to running trough the rain to reach home . After I putted my earphones on my ear then shuffled my song, I ran while covered my head with my bag, and listening to "Mariah Carey - Through The Rain". What??? Hahahaha
Is it proving you that I'm strong enough?
Okay if you dont know what I mean, you just have to listening to that song.

Today is Independence Day of Indonesia hiphip hooray!
gak muluk-muluk sih permintaannya, semoga makin baik aja kedepannya, gak banyak korupsi lagi.

Logo google untuk kemerdekaan RI. Keren ya? Demen liat logo google kalo ada acara-acara gitu

Oya, gue lagi suka liat video-video yang kreatif gitu, tapi masih ga pede buat bikinnya. Untuk yang kaya gitu gue gak sekreatif Wina hahaha btw udah bikin sih satu di instagram, check it out at my instagram annisasophiaa and that username valid for other social network like twitter and vine. Follow!
See you peeps!

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