College thing

12:13 AM

Yea i'm not gonna face it in a couple month.
This is just my thought of college thing.
Some people dont want to talk about it just because they're still in 10 grader or 11 grader.
"Ah masih lama ini"
"Masih 2 tahun/setahun lagi nanti ajalah kelas 12 mikirinnya"
It seems like this isnt a important thing. This isnt matter for them.
But for me, this mean a lot.
In Junior High School, i learned a lot about competition.
But i take it as a simple thing, and here i am.
Dump in not-everybody-know-school.
I felt ashamed about it.
And i dont want that thing..
That fail-thing happened again in my life!
No i wont let it ruin my life for the second time.
I dont want hoping to much on ITB because..
I'm in the condition that not very good to get that university and being a student there.

So one day,
Theres exhibition in my school for university
And most of it are private universities (God)
I came to one stand that offer to help if we want to take a chance to study in Germany
I'm sooo interested!
And i told mom about it
But yea
Money thing
This life is soo unfair

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