You him blah

8:45 AM

Yeah honestly i want to meet you so much!
Twice in a week i went there but you were not there....
Where are you?
I met him
He is being so handsome lately
We greeted to each other shyly
Hahahahaha idkkkkk
It was just me that shy or him too?!
If.. He was not mean to me 2 years ago
Probably we still together?
Hahaha lol
I dont really sure about that
He was such a jerk that time
And, yeah..
I still loving you
And he couldnt take my heart, he isnt loveable.
So, its always been you.
Mmmm but i thinking of him these days
What i have to do?
Please help me, you said i can story to you anytime i want
I miss you

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