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From the same production of Tangled so the animation looks same. But the different thing about this movie is... The soundtracks are thrilling!!! The people behind it are Kristen Bell (idk, her voice soo wonderful), Idina Menzel (i adore her voice) and my lovely man Jonathan Groff!
Omg, along the movie i seems like always hold my breath, like i dont know how to breathe! lol

I thought the story too childish so i prefer tangled than frozen. The character still awkward and silly, Anna and Rapunzel are totally same. Just like tangled, in the movie theres a lot of horses hahaha and if in tangled its Maximus (the horse) that accompany Rapunzel and Flynn to get the lanterns, in Frozen its a raindeer and it name is Sven. But (again) i cant stand with the soundtrack, omg its unbelieveable.

I recommended you to watch it. because its worth to listen to their soundtrack!
Oya! I forgot about something..
I'm in love with the snowman, Olaf, he is soooo cute!

Tangled still my favorite movie fyi

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  1. I watched it too, and think it's an awesome movie! :) Sven is so cute by the way hahaha XD and both Elsa and Anna are gorgeous, I absolutely love the movie :)