11:43 AM

You know that my family moved out from my hometown to my mother hometown..
Its Makassar.
I hate it there.. Like really.
I'm hating everything in it.
I dont like the vibe.
I dont like the fact that my family move in to a city that i dont even imagine that my family will be there.
I rarely talking to people there because of my accent and i dont even understand how to speak in Bugis languange so myself decide to not talking if theres no necessary thing or if i talk to my family.
It depressed me when I cant chose should i call people in mas/mba way or daeng and i dont know puang maybe?
I hate the fact that my skin is not fit in there because there is too hot and my pimples pop out again and makes me like a crab and a ugly girl instantly.
Argh, i hate it.

But i think that is side of my immature me who said that.
I love my family who lived in Makassar.
And i love that i get to know my big family more.
I love the fact that my family is care about me more than anything.
I love that my family talk more about nostalgic scene in life about my dad and my mom and their life in the past.
But still i hate the city.
I hate it.
The reasons are...
It makes my main family miserable like so much.
And i never be at home stress like so much.
And if i dont go from there i think i'm going crazy.

But thank God you let me stay here in my hometown Bogor where i belong safely.
Save my family God like please.
I know you will never give anything that we cant handle it.

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