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2:56 AM

As a long time (huge) fan of One Direcion (especially Zayn), from their beginning journey until now (even now theres no the same craziness as before), i'm in difficult time to accept the reality that he was leaving the band. It was so booming everywhere and when i knew the news of zayn's leaving it hurts me. But i thought he was too hurried to take that decision because he was really depressed. I thought he (and the boys) really need hiatus for couple years. I was a little disapointed of the agency. They really had hard times. As long as i remembered, these past 5 years it was hectic days for them. They already released 4 albums which after a year released album they released one another, held 4 concert tour around the world for every album not include the process of the album, music videos, promoted the album, and bla bla bla.. They had their fourth world tour now and after world tour they will released their next album.. Geez! Its sad how i realize they were really busy and really not have 'normal' life. I looked to my album of them around 2012. Up All Night album.. I miss those good times, their bright faces.. Oh my god.. I wish this thing never happens, i want my one package of my 5 silly boys as one direction that i knew.. But hey.. Accept it! Now or then, it will happen. I hope zayn will come back to the industry and be the good soloistt and i'm really sure he will. You're the most handsome person i've ever knew & you will always be. You're the one that i adore, love you always baby, be strong. Enjoy your time now as a normal 22 years old boy.. Miss you @zaynmalik :)x

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