11:04 AM

Okay, at this hour i cant sleep.

Because i had fever and flu this afternoon, so i decided to took a panadol to make it a little bit better.
But i just remembered that it contains caffein and i just cant sleep right now.
I'm not a coffee drinker so i'm not used by caffeine so yea.
Its normal right? But i just need sleep because staying up late it makes more pimples and wrinkles below eyes and eyebags! Arghhh. Oya, get fatter too... Shit that just happen.
About 2 hours ago i'm struggling to sleep but things just pop up constantly in my head, i just cant stand. So i make myself busy, online twitter and others.

Ok, i had money struggling lately bcs i'm already not go to school anymore. And my parent just not a flexible one to give money. I just cant.. Erghh! Already 2 days stayed at home and not doing anything. So thats why i got fever. I'm not a drama queen but believe me its true. Okay back to topic, right now i need around 300k for pay prom bills and i have zero in my wallet. Even theres nothing in my pockets.
I want to take a job but just for 2 months or a month, because yea you know i have to getting uni ready. So it have many to prepared right? For uni i have to pay registration fee and many more. I have to pay prom dress and kebaya for graduation, the makeup and hairdoo for those events too!! Kidding right?! I'm kinda want to make a business. Online shop kinda thing, but i just dont know what i should sell, and i dont know how to produce.. Honestly i dont know wheres the money to produce things i want to sell. ARGH please help me, give me money around a millionnnnn!!! I beg youhhhh

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