11:15 AM

Our semester holiday already come! Woohoo.
Uci got back her ass in Bogor and we planned to meet up.
Like usual, we never planned it from long time where we will be goin, when and etc.
Our things are, one ask where are we, what are we doin, are we have plan to go out and then Uci came, then Horman came to pick us up. Like, its always like that every time.
But, different thing, Tata couldnt join us that day, so just us three.
Went to many places randomly, CCM anddd eat in many kind of restaurant and cafe, then went to living room and went to Tata's home to just had a chit chat with her.
And yeah, i admit it thats its our quality time.
Not a fancy thing like the others do, but the happiness is there.
I always feel happy when they are around.
Moi bff!! Luv yuh guys
By the way, i miss beach vibes. I want beach. I want to go to beach:(
I want a sun-kissed tan on my skin:(
Hahaha the last one jk, i already tan i dont want to be like coffee, lol

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