Red-dish on New Year

1:19 AM

Oh my God, its already the last day of the year.
2016 was so sick, and so lit! hahaha
Many things happened in 2016, like really a lot and all of them became the new memories that i can embrace in the future. From the bitter one, to sweet one. Surely, i had a blast in this year.
To embrace the new year eve's I'm going to be reddish little girl HAHAH i thought red is for christmas vibes, but whatever. this is holiday and i can do anything that i want.
I'm not so into red kind of person, but once its still alright.
I love this turtle neck shirt that my mom's own. Since she's not this little anymore so i took it and make it into mine heheh

went for shopping again with this one.

Happy holiday everyone!
I hope you had a blast in 2016 like i do and ready to make the better version of yourself in 2017!!
Happy New Year :)


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