8:50 AM

Ya, everybody have their own way to take their decision. And I have mine too as well.
Last week, when I got home from studytour, I heard that theres many friends of mine moved out from their school to Smansa. I want it too so bad but then I think "Be a followers or follow my own way?". I'm confused that time, one side said "I want it so bad" but the other side said that "You can success with your own way." And I take one decision, and I take it with really hard feeling but I have to let it go. I hope this is the right choice that I can take. STAY.

Along this year I kept thinking that "I should move, I cant be here for the next 2 years." or "This thing is not fit in me, I'm not belongs here." etc. But in last 3 weeks that you know that i have my study tour with this school (to Pare, Bali), make my mind open. Yea maybe if I stay its not really bad.

So, here I am. Standing here with the old me!! You know last year, I'm being someone else and she is a little bit not me hahaha I got my sense of humor back :D

Thankyou for all my friends that support me, maybe this is the best plan that Allah create it for me.


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  1. Berkah penthol dari pare,pulang2 langsung lancar bahasa inggrisnya.,.
    Thanks God to make this girl going back to the right way.,.