Sweet Seventeen

4:14 AM

Yappp I'm already seventeen! Being legal somehow looks same, i thought it would be something big.
Btw, my birthday on 9th January. I know this post is kinda late mehehehe sorry..
Not as excited as i expected, but it was waaaay better than my 16th birthday. Last year birthday was dramatic, i dont want that thing happen again in my birthday.
Thankyouuu so much for the presents, the wishes peeps. May Allah hear your wish for meee, amiiiiiin.

Much kisses
-The legal girl that havent make an id-

p.s my wishlist is useless.

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3 komentar

  1. Blog bagus gini kok gk ada yg comment ya. Pertamax deh kalau gitu.
    Aku follow blog ini ya. Kamu punya twitter gk?

    1. Woah, thanks :) See my social media on the right side of this blog. Once again, thank you!

    2. U're welcom. I've been following at all.Ur blog, twitter and FB. I hope we can become a good friends. Hopefully!