Java Jazz Festival 2014

7:34 AM

Oyea! Its been 2 weeks since i went to Java Jazz Festival at JIExpo Kemayoran, it was my second time went to jjf. I went on the second day, Saturday, 1 march 2014. Like i told you in Jamie Cullum song post, i really want to watch him but his show is special show and on Friday, 28 Feb so i couldnt watch him. But its okay, the second day i can watch my fav male singer Tulus.

It was rainy that day, but not endure our excitement. We arrived at 5 pm and straight go to Marcell show. I want to see all the show but the time is limited so we just watch Marcell, Tulus, Be3, Raisa and a little bit of Snarky Puupy, JKT48 (ahahaha lol!), and Dirty Loops.
Too much fun!
and a little bit sad bcs cant take photo with Tulus :(

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