Screwed Up

12:06 PM

Okay, not like as usual i post about my happy life with picture and everything.
Today i wanna talk about something more serious. Lately i felt like i was in the middle of serious problem with my college life. This semester was tough, this past 3 months was tough. 23 sks in a week with that crazy assignments i had to do, i just cant. Maybe this is the reason why i have no boyfriend because i dont have time for that, too much thing that i had to handle with, assignment from academic and organization.

It was my fault that i couldnt divide my time well to do those things together, but i know i can do those things if i put a lot of effort to do that. I realized that i spent my time too much for playing and do things to had fun but after that i felt exhausted and i just want to sleep so the assignment was left out.

Like today, i had assignment deadline 23.59 PM and i hadnt finish it yet until 23.01 and the worst thing is.. i was slept and i woke up 01.38 AM in the morning. I screwed up. It was run out from the time, but i still submitted it anyway. So because of that, I'm afraid about my grade this semester... I admit it that i'm not really serious in academic this semester, i dont know. Theres no "click" with the lesson for this semester, either its faculty class or department class. No difference, i felt like all the lesson are "ngawang-ngawang". My grades last semester not bad at all but, its not good either if compare with kids in other department.

HFFFFFD, YES! I have to put a lot of effort for the next three months, next week is mid term and i have to prove that i can. I dont want because of organization, my grade is poor. I have to prove that i can do well in academic even i'm active in organization.

Please wish me luck, wish me have more strength to do this. This semester is the first time too for me that i lived far far away from my family. Like miles away. I miss Bogor and all the things i loved. The rain, the smell, the warm, my house, my friends, the streets, angkot, school. I miss everything in it. I miss my mom. I miss me. The old smart me. I feel so tiny here:( please help.

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  1. the reason why i have no boyfriend because i dont have time for that.