11:41 AM

Waaaw long timeee no post, huh?
I'm sorry..
My real life is soooo much fun until i got no time for this
HAHAHA no it dont.
It was fun actually, but i spend my time alwayssss in campus sooo its kind of boring if you imagine it.. BUTTTT its actually fun for me..
I know you think i'm kinda weird because i spend my time in campus and said it was fun.

So, here's the thing..
The thing for never post something again in this blog is i rarely took photos for blog so yea basically i dont have a thing for posting anything.
I dont have any kind of outfit photos, or that i thought the interesting one in my gallery.. There is a bunch of group photos, silly photos, screenshot photos, handsome guy photossss, and selfies. But there's no something that i think proper for me to post it here. You know you're special to me?
Buttt when i I think i have some one or two photos that proper for me to post it here, the thing is that i'm kinda lazy to write a thing or two. I just want to post the photo and just it hahahaha

Sooo here's the deal.
I'm in holiday, and today is already the second month and going to the third month of my holiday so i will take a little bit of my time to take more photos to post a thing for you!
And here it is.. My holiday photo.
I went to Pinrang and Bakaru for eid al fitr holiday andddd i love the vibe of my trip.
The typically pose for beautiful scenery photos :))

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