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Went to Synchronize Festival on the last day of October. Went the 3rd day of the festival with college friends & Acca Marbel and it was sooooo epic! Synchronize Festival was a festival that shows many of indie band and artist in Indonesia. It was at Gambir Expo in JIExpo Kemayoran. And i miss java jazz so much. Trying to get the volunteer for java jazz next year. Please wish me luck!
Ok, back to the Synchronize Festival.

reunion with junior high school friends at music festival was epic

The first show i saw was Silampukau. I adore them so much for the melody and lyric that very folky and  contain values of Indonesian people especially Surabaya, where they are belong. And i was amazed by their performance that day because, all the audience sing along and it was epic. After all the satisfying Silampukau things, i went to the next stage where Elephant Kind performed. It was cool but i dont think i was satisfied enough with the performance. I dont know why, but i love the way they perform my favorite song, With Grace. After Elephant Kind over, at the same stage i watched Maliq and The Essentials. It was always fun to watch them! Their stage act were cool, their songs were great, their performance were excellent! Maliq and The Essentials always satisfied me in every shows.

After break maghrib, i went to watch The Trees and The Wild. I love TTATW but, i dont know. It was just me or there,s anyone the same as i am. I dont really like watching The Trees and The Wild live and in festival way because of their songs arent for sing along songs and i was bored watching them. I love their songs! I do like i love it a lot, but i love it when i hear it on headphone on my bed.
Ok, next!
I went to Tulus stage. Its been 2 years, since the last day i've watched him on stage. And i'm in love over and over again with him. On or outside the stage. I just love his personality, i love his songs, i love his stage act, i love the way he sung! I just loveeeee him personally. I cant describe furthermore

my favorite band since i was young because of watching Catatan Akhir Sekolah movie and influence of MTV Ampuh every noon and every day!! wkwkwk
Since then, i never watched them live on stage so this was my first time watching them and i was SOOO FCKN HAPPY I MET AND WATCHED THEM IN REAL LIFE FOR SURE!
Met my teteh Arina, the one i adore so much with her charms and many moreeeee. Sing along on every songs they brought. Lucky Me, I Remember, Me and My Boyfriend, Happy, The Best Thing and sooo many more. I thought people around me fed up listening to my voice that was like rat huhuw but dont mind the important thing is that night i was soooo freaking happy.

After Mocca, there was Efek Rumah Kaca.
One thing that i have to sum up of their performance are EPIC
The first time i watched them in my junior high school art night, and that has been 6 years before and it was so so because that i just know them and just knew 3 of their songs. And that day, the audience just were my friends and a few of people i dont know but not as crowded as in Synchronize.
In Synchronize, the stage was full house. The audience that makes their performance more epic! It was the most satisfying performance i've ever watch because of the audience. Mostly of the audience were man so, the voices were so manly and i like it HAHA overall, i loveeeeeeee it!

Last but not least, i watched Glenn Fredly for the first time ever (again). In real life he was more manly and mature than i saw him in tv or something. I love his voice, i love his songs. I love everything. I just happy with his performance and my energy that already drained, goes up again after watched his performance because his performamce was full energy and can sum up the day!

I love being in the crowd, singing, listening and dancing to the music!

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