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 Warby Parker Winter Collection 2016

Hello hello
I know its been awhile since the last post.
In Indonesia, the weather is comforting and makes me feel lazy all day, all night.
Raining every night, makes me wanna cuddle with bfriend but i dont have any. Please if you saw this you have to looking someone i can cuddle with. Promise?!

Talking about weather, i bet in the other side of my country the weather is nearly to winter. Now is November and i think there should be snowing just a little bit of the time. The weather just perfect for reading books, watching  TV shows all night or!! korean drama hahahah thats my favorite.
I think, if you do those kind of thing, your eyes need something to help you read or watch and makes you look more cool and fancy.. Uuuuw :)

I loveeeeeeee to collect eyeglasses lately, either it is eyeglasses or sunglasses. I love to wear it when i drive, reading books in my favorite cafe or hang out with friends. Then, like last week i know about this eyeglasses and sunglasses brand called Warby Parker

They lately already released their Winter Collection 2016, and I, personally, love the two pieces of their winter collection..

The first one is Welty!

Welty by Warby Parker (doc. Warby Parker)

I love these kind of glasses lately and i think its being a trend for 2016. I love the simple frame with transparant or the colour of the frame like Welty and Louise from Warby Parker. Some of the newest collection are great too! simple, and suit with every styles. I think, i envy you guys that live in outside Indonesia and have easy access to buy some of the glasses.

and the second one. The one I love the most! Louise! :)

Louise by Warby Parker (doc. Warby Parker)

I LOVEEE IT :( and.. Here's some style that i think it suits with the eyeglasses and I LOVEEEE IT. If i was you, i cant wait to buy the glasses and try it on with the style!

weather weather

If you do love Warby Parker's newest winter collection as do as I am,
kindly check their website like as fast as you can because it worth the hypeee!
Just click the link up there i already put the link or just go type it on your web address

See yaaaa soon!

In collaboration with Warby Parker

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