Unchy chy (unchie;chie)

9:49 PM

Went to watch short movie at Kineforum with this little riot girl but still cutie pie, Marsa Dhiya or you guys well known her as Acca. It was a sudden plan, she ask me to accompany her to spending her time so we were deal that we went to Kineforuma and watch and do nothing after then hahaha. Kineforum is in Taman Ismail Marzuki, behind XXI of TIM. So after we were there and watched the short movie, we didnt know what should we do there. The choices were watching movie again in XXI or take a walk around TIM and just take a pictur. Because we already watched short movie (even it was not really satisfying sor me, but still cool tho) we chose to take a walk aroun TIM and just take a picture of us and people around. So here it is the result of our narcism and for the sake of our existence on social media.

The funny things about that day were when Acca took photos of me in front of that stairs, many people (that Indonesian called IGers or instagrammers) took photos of me too, they ask me to pose and pose HAHAHA i still cant get easy when i think about this.

Well, for a couple months maybe i cant post a lot like i used to do in the gabut times of my life. But i will tried to spare my time to write here :)) promise!

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